Beginner Pole Vault Clinics


Drift Motion Pole Vault is offering pole vault clinics for those interested of learning to pole vault, trying the sport out for the first time, want to see if pole vault is something they might like, or going to do track and field for high school and want give pole vault a try. We also welcome those individuals that have tried the pole vault, but didn't have coaching or formal training and is willing to learn the very basics and fundamentals of the pole vault. 


We will introduce the basic understanding, principles, and safety of the pole vault and going through the learning progession steps to fast track their skills. Poles will be provided! Make sure to have running shoes, workout clothes, and bring a water bottle.


Each clinic session is $50/per person and signing up for more than one clinic session is available and encouraged! Space is limited.

Pole Vault Clinic Schedule:

  • No clinics are scheduled currently


Those who sign up for more than one session, will get to build upon their previous session and continue to add to their learning and advance their technique skill.