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Private and Semi-Private lessons is an option to get personal and individualized pole vault training. Lessons one hour for a private and an hour and a half for a semi-private and all lessons are by appointment only and available to athletes at any level.

New to pole vaulting or new beginner to the club

Those brand new to the pole vaulting world, we will require that you have two to three private lessons while those who are beginner vaulter that are new to the club are required to have one private lesson to learn the basics of pole vaulting, learn our terminology, drills, and have good foundation before joining our club practices.

Beginner/Intermediate Vaulters

For vaulters that need the extra attention to help accelerate your progress with individualized and tailored lessons. These sessions allows us to break down your jump with video and do specialized drills that improve your pole vault skills and technique.

Experienced Vaulters

These sessions are for those looking to improve their skills in certain areas and get extra focus on the details and able to zero-in to correct causes of issues to help maximize potential. We help you get a deeper understanding of body positions, posture, and movement with video analysis, communication, and collaboration.

Out of Town Vaulters

For those who don't live close enough to be part of the club or for those who live out of state and might be visiting and want to some lessons while in town.

Private Lesson Pricing

A private lesson is a one hour session for 1 vaulter

  • 1 Session - $75 /hr

Semi-Private Lesson Pricing

A semi-private lesson is a one hour session, for 2 vaulters, a 90 minute session for 3 vaulters

  • 1 Session - $60 per vaulter

Please call 303-328-9949 to setup a semi-private lesson!


Booking is online for private lessons. Use the the Book Now button below to check schedule and availability for private lessons. Typically, we schedule private and semi-private sessions outside of our club practice times. For semi-private lessons, please call 303-328-9949 to book or schedule.

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