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Our year-round training are split into four seasons in a calendar year. A season is three months long and the winter and summer is our club competition seasons. The spring season is our supportive high school training season, giving more vault time or coaching for those athletes that don't have a high school pole vault coach at their school. Fall season is the pre-season for the winter season and time to work on running mechanics, speed, pole runs, and getting stronger. Practice sessions are usually 2 hours long.

Seasonal Packages

Seasonal Packages are the best deal for cost of each practice session over a three month period. We offer four different bundled packages based on the level of commitment of the athlete and/or time available to make the practice sessions. There are no make ups, refunds, or pro-rating for seasonal packages.

Monthly Plans

Our Monthly Packages are great for people who are joining the club in the middle of a season or cannot commit for an entire season for any reason. There are no make ups, refunds, or pro-rating for monthly plans.

Drop-in Session

We do offer single drop-in practice sessions. Please go to Drop-In Sessions for more details.

Club Member Discount


Annual Club Members get 15% discount any seasonal or monthly package, or drop-in-sessions with a coupon code and we also offer sibling discounts, please contact us before you make a purchase for the season or monthly package to get the sibling discount if you have multiple kids doing the pole vault.

Brand New to Pole Vaulting?

Before jumping into a training session package, individuals should get a Pole Vault 101 lesson to get a better understanding of the basics and to see if they like pole vaulting. Our recommendation is to do a private lesson first, then decide to go into one of the training session packages. Go to Private Lessons to learn more.

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