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Head Coach


Andy Munoz

Coach Andy started coaching when he was a student athlete at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) with Team Ultimate High Pole Vault Club under the guidance of Brian Yokoyama which he guided several high school state qualifiers and finalist in California. Then a move to Colorado and a long break from pole vaulting after college, he decided to get back into the pole vaulting world and would start coaching again with Above the Bar pole vaulting club. Where he help coached several state qualifiers, state finalists, and champions in Colorado. After a short stint of starting a new club of Elite Air Pole Vaulting Club, it morphed into Drift Motion Pole Vault Club, which was established in 2018. The club has had continued success of having many state qualifiers, finalists/placers, and champions in Colorado.

Andy also currently serves as the high school pole vault coach at Castle View High School in Castle Rock, Colorado. Since 2014, he has guided a state qualifier every year for either the boys or girls. which he had nine finalists that podium and one state champion. He has also coached the schools' record holders in both the men's and women's pole vault.

Through the years, Andy has also worked/consulted with two male vaulters over 18 feet that were U.S. Olympic trial qualifiers and finalists. He is also recognized as part of the National Coaching staff of the National Pole Vault Summit.



Katie Hayes

Coach Katie is recent college athlete from Monmouth University that brings recent college experience and understanding. She is passionate about the pole vault and wants to help younger athletes grow and succeed. 


Jarid Cook

Coach Jarid bring over 10+ years of coaching the pole Vault. He is also currently the pole vault coach at Regis Jesuit High School, where has coached several state qualifiers, finalists, and a state champion. Jarid also a National Pole Vault Summit Coaching staff member.


Darrell Schwandt

Darrell with wealth of knowledge of the pole vault adds to the club and valuable to the athletes. He also the currently the pole vault coach at Grandview High School, which he has had a state runner-up and several state qualifiers and finalists.


Kelly Rayburn

Coach Kelly is also the Platte Canyon High School pole vault coach and has coached two state champions and several state qualifiers and finalists for the school.

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